Cotton Sheets – Softening New Sheets for a comfortable Sleep

Stiff and scratchy cotton sheets can be quite uncomfortable. New cotton sheets have the stiffness because of the chemical residues left over during the manufacturing process. There are myriad ways to soften the new cotton sheets for a comfortable sleep. Washing the cotton sheets in a washing machine using baking soda and vinegar on a regular cycle using warm water definitely helps in making the sheets soft. A cup of white vinegar will soften the cotton sheets further.When the rinse cycle is finished, the cotton sheets can be removed from the washing machine and left to dry in the sun. In case you don’t have space to dry them, place the cotton sheets in the dryer on a low setting. Once the sheets have dried, one can get the cotton sheets washed again using regular amount of detergent. Washing the cotton sheets twice definitely makes the sheets quite soft and comfortable.

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